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No payments required until I've emailed you an invoice!

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I also do offer payment plans! See below the plans I offer.

Directions regarding reference photos  can be found further down this page.


Paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.

The birch board depth is usually 7/8". For larger paintings (≥ 24" x 30") I like to use 1 1/2" gallery depth.

Free shipping for all paintings within Canada and the USA.

*For the rest of world, additional shipping charges will apply.

**For local pickup, I will subtract the cost of shipping from the total price in your invoice.

***Interested in me including a full background? See more details below. Email me for a quote :)

Prices are subject to change every 6 months. The next price evaluation is Feb, 2024.

16" x 20"

CAD $1700

USD $1240

GBP £1025

Suitable for medium sized single portrait or a small double portrait

Good for a small full body painting

Additional $300 CAD for a second subject

Painting Size



11" x 14"

CAD $900

USD $655

GBP £545

Suitable for small sized single portrait

Only single subject accepted in this size

12" x 16"

CAD $1050

USD $765

GBP £635

Suitable for medium sized single portrait or a small double portrait

Good for a small full body painting

Additional $250 CAD for a second subject

20" x 24"

CAD $2500

USD $1825

GBP £1510

Suitable for large sized single portrait a medium double portrait, or small triple portrait

Good for a single or double full body drawing

Add $375 CAD for each additional subject

24" x 30"

CAD $3600

USD $2630

GBP £2175

Suitable for large sized single portrait, a medium/large double portrait, or a medium/small triple portrait

Great for a single or double full body painting

Add $475 CAD for each additional subject

*Shipping is now included in the price list for commissions within Canada and the USA. For international orders, additional shipping costs will apply.

All price quotes and invoices will be in Canadian Dollars (CAD$). USD and GBP listed above are estimated conversions.

Custom sizes are also an option if you have something specific in mind. For a custom size price quote please contact me!

I require a 20% down payment to ensure your spot and before work can begin.

I will provide a contract to be signed before work can begin.

Are you happy to allow me to make and sell prints of your commissioned painting? Let me know!

Including a full background

I usually include a neutral background in my animal paintings, but I can paint the full detailed background based on the photo reference you provide. For this most clients will send me one photo with their animal and the background, and I paint based on that. Alternatively, I can reference a separate image you provide as the background. I could even use one of my own landscape photos, which you can pick from. Email me for more details! There is an additional cost to include the background, you can also email me for a quote.


(click to enlarge)

Reference Photo Instructions (please read!)
  • WHAT QUALITY DO I ACCEPT: I am actually quite flexible when it comes to reference photos. While I do love referencing a reasonable quality photo, I am able to work with a low quality photo. I have an extensive background in photo editing and increasing photo resolution. I have also drawn so many animals over the years, I have a good understanding of hair direction and typical features for different animals and breeds. Additionally, I grew up with horses, dogs, cats, and more animals so I've been able to study their features in reality pretty much my whole life.

  • LOW QUALITY PHOTOS: I have created so many drawings from low quality photos that I actually enjoy the process now. It's so special to see a clients reaction when all they had were low quality photos of their beloved pet.

  • UNSURE WHICH PHOTO TO CHOOSE? You can send me as many photos as you want, then I can advise which would work best as reference for a drawing. Sometimes there is a hidden gem amongst your many photos.

  • POSE, LIGHTING, COLOUR, QUALITY - WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT? Above all, pose is most important. I want to capture your animal in the best way possible, and their features are unique to them. I can add in missing detail, adjust colour, or lighting, but I can't add in missing features without reference as I've never met your animal. I can adjust some things if needed - maybe add some missing neck or chest, an ear, etc cut off in the photo, change the position of a tail or forelock. But I can't make major adjustments like turn their head a certain way. If given multiple photos I can sometimes soften their expression, or turn their ears forward, etc.

  • CAN I REMOVE GEAR/COLLARS? Yes! I am very good at removing halters, bridles, collars, etc. I recently had a beautiful horse reference photo (it was fairly low quality but the colour and pose was nice), but the halter was heavily skewed and a person was blocking the horse's neck. I made some edits in photoshop to straighten the halter and remove the person, and the client was over the moon about the result (I was pretty pleased myself) - both horses with halters I have as examples above, I completely altered the halters from the original photo.

  • TIPS FOR TAKING REFERENCE PHOTOS: If you have the opportunity to take more photos of your animal, a few tips to keep in mind.

    • Use natural light as much as possible (unnatural will almost always look harsh, too warm or cold)​

    • Photograph in the shade, NOT direct sunlight (sunlight is too harsh - best is in the shade on a sunny day, indoors, or on a cloudy day)

    • If using an iPhone, disable portrait mode (this applies a digital blur that does not help for a reference photo)

    • Try using a treat for pose motivation. When I photograph my pets I get some small treats, have them sit/stand and wait, then I get down to their eye level (or up for a large horse), focus on their face, and take as many photos as I can while they're posed nicely. Turn the sound OFF on your phone or camera so they don't get distracted. Holding the camera in my right (or vice versa if you're left handed) I make them focus on my left hand with the treat and reposition their head a bit until it's perfect by moving my hand around a bit.

    • For most animals a 3/4 or side view is best (3/4 is where you can see one eye and the other eye is slightly visible). Cats can get away with a front view since they have flatter faces like a person.

See below some examples of nice reference photos! (Click to enlarge)

Payment Plans

In Full:

The full amount (minus the 20% deposit*) paid immediately after artwork is completed. Artwork is then shipped immediately after payment.

2 Months:

1/2 of the full amount (minus the 20% deposit*) paid over a 2 month period after artwork is completed, one payment per month. Artwork is shipped only after both payments are received.

3 Months:

1/3 of the full amount (minus the 20% deposit*) paid over a 3 month period after artwork is completed, one payment per month. Artwork is shipped only after all three payments are received.

6 Months:

1/6 of the full amount (minus the 20% deposit*) paid over a 6 months period after artwork is completed, one payment per month. Artwork is shipped only after all six payments are received.

Please contact me with any questions about payment plans!

* The 20% deposit is always in full no matter the plan and is paid in advance in order to secure your position on my waitlist. The plans refer only to the remaining final payment after artwork is completed.

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