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  • Do you accept commissions?
    Yes! I accept commissions full time.
  • If I sent you a photo of my horse/pet, can you draw from that?"
    Yes! All of my custom drawings are created from your photographs as reference.
  • What are your prices?
    I have in depth price lists available here on my website for all of my drawing and painting mediums. Click on any of the following drawings types that you are interested in for a price list. Graphite drawings Pastel drawings Digital drawings
  • For your digital drawings, is there a deposit or do I pay the full price up front?"
    Because my digital drawings take only a few days to complete, depending on my current workload, I do ask that you pay the ful price up front. In the event that you are do not like the drawing I created and wish to cancel the drawing and be refunded, I will refund 80% of the drawing price. The remaining 20% acting as a non-refundable deposit to cover some of my time.
  • Do you require high quality reference images for your custom drawings?
    That depends! For my graphite and pastel pencil drawings I do ask that the reference photo you send me is of medium-high quality. For my digital drawings, I do accept low quality images! I would then hand draw in additional details and colours to create and high quality drawing of your pet.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Due to the nature of my work, no I do not accept returns. If you are really unhappy please contact me and I will see if we can work something out. In the event of shipping damage, I will do what I can to replace what is damaged at my own discretion.
  • What do I do if my package does not arrive by the estimated delivery date?
    First of all, don't panic! This is an estimated delivery date and is not guaranteed. Delays are very common in our current COVID crisis. The package is still on its way to you, it just may arrive late, especially for international orders. After I deliver my packages to Canada Post, the delivery time is 100% out of my hands. I do try to send all of my packages with the fastest option possible within our budget. If you require a parcel more quickly, please contact me and we can work out upgrading your package to Express. Also, please be aware that all information that is availble is present on the package's tracking page (most of my shipments are tracked - all original drawings are tracked). There is unfortunately no magic information that you can get by contacting the postal service. Lastly, I ask that you please do not contact me if your parcel is only slightly delayed. I always monitor the tracking for my packages and confirm if they deliver safely. I cannot provide any more information about your parcel than what is listed on the package's tracking page. Delays are unfortunately normal due to COVID. Due to rising cases in Canada, Canada Post puts safety as their priority meaning inconsitent delivery times and possible delays.
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