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Send me your lovely photos! Since I work in realism, having a good photo is a great thing for me. I truly appreciate the opportunity photographers give to artists like me when they share their photos :)

Note: this is not where you book a commission! Submitting a photo here is simply a platform for you to share your photo(s) with me to potentially use as reference in a personal art project. See below for more details.

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By submitting your photo(s) here you agree to give me full permission to use your photo as reference for my artwork at any time, now and forever. Any artwork I create referencing your photos, I have full ownership to sell my original piece of artwork or any prints/reproductions I might create at any time. You will own no rights whatsoever to the artwork I create using your photo as reference. I will not use your photo for anything other than reference for my artwork and will credit you as the photographer (using the information you provided) when posting on social media or my website. I will not share your photos with anyone. Any photos you submit here MUST be owned and photographed by you. 

An email to confirm subscription will be sent to you

Submissions may take up to 1 min

I've created this page to welcome both professional photographers and non-professionals to send me their photos if they feel happy to allow me permission to use these photos as reference for my artwork!

1. Submit 1 to 5 of your photos in this form. I ask for your first and last name and Instagram account so that I can credit you as the photographer when I post my artwork. If you do not want your name shared, you may say so in the comments section.

2. After submitting a photo, you will probably not hear from me. I don't usually follow up general photo submissions.

3. This is not the form to book a commission! Submitting a photo here results in zero obligation from you or me, this is just a place to share your photos. No payments are required at any point. Instead, you can book a commission here

4. Please, all photos MUST be of animals or nature/landscapes (any animal is accepted, however I usually prefer horses, Canadian wildlife, or farm animals) (nature may include plants and/or wide landscape shots). I do not draw human faces, however I can make an exception for a horse rider in which the rider's face can be cropped out or their face is hidden/obscured. Photos MUST NOT be explicit or inappropriate in any way. 

5. When you submit a photo, I am under no obligation to use said photo. I will look at the photos you submit and use a photo as reference if I like it and it speaks to me. Since this is for my personal projects, I will usually only choose photos that are of high quality and good lighting.

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