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     Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, my artistic history began 12 years ago when I decided to pick up a pencil. My artwork has since been commissioned both locally and internationally.

In 2014 I moved to Vancouver hoping to pursue her art further by attending Vancouver Film School. After entering the world of cinema visual effects I built my way up to Lead Lighting Technical Director as a VFX artist at a large film studio in Vancouver. My work can be found in films such as “Ad Astra” (2019), “The Dark Tower” (2017), and “Independence Day: Resurgence” (2016) - full list of films can be found on my IMDb page.

After leaving the film industry in pursuit of a quieter less stressful life, I am now back to following my original passion of creating pencil drawings and paintings for the world to enjoy. I find no greater joy than when a person feels an emotional attachment to a piece I meticulously created. I connect with each of my pieces of art. To me they each have a life of their own - they almost breathe.


In addition to my own unique works of art, I accept commissions for custom equine and animal artwork. A past competitive equestrian myself and raised with horses and animals my entire life (currently entertained by my young, much loved Labrador dog/child, Casper) I understand the love and devotion one feels toward their animal loved ones. 

Meet Casper, my biggest supporter

Casper is a rare charcoal lab with tan points, and my absolute best friend. He usually hangs out within a few feet of me, we do pretty much everything together.