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I use Michael Harding oil paints, which is one of the best quality paints available. They are vibrant, lightfast, and buttery. My journey has just begun with them, but I'm excited about my future using these beautiful paints.

My canvas is actually board - birch cradled panels. They are 7/8" or 1 1/2" deep (I choose the depth depending on the size of the painting) which makes them easy to frame with a floating frame if wanted. I make sure to create a clean edge, whether it's unpainted letting the wood show, or painted.

More material info available soon.

My Process

I like detail, so the final texture is relatively smooth, but I do like some of the paint stroke to show through. I work with multiple layers, anywhere from 3-6 layers of paint.

My boards are carefully primed so that they will stand the test of time and should last hundreds of years. Painting on board means the paint will never crack.

I varnish around 4 months after the painting is finished. Oil paints take a long time to fully dry, this wait time ensures the painting is 100% dry when it's time to varnish.

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