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Graphite drawings are created on 96lb smooth bristol paper. The pencils I use are professional grade, mars lumograph Staedtler pencils. I use both graphite and carbon blend pencils which allows for the contrast you can seen in my work.

I have had a lot of experience testing different brands of graphite pencils, and in my opinion, Staedtler has the smoothest and richest graphite I have used - thus it is my personal favourite!

The paper I use is acid free, thus it will remain white even after years of display.

I also use Staedtler mar lumograph black pencils for the black areas on my artwork. For larger blocks of black I will use a grease pencil, which is a wax pencil much like a very soft colour pencil.

I also use an engraving burin for some of the finer details and a fine tipped Tombow eraser.

My Process

I always start with a basic outline, then work on adding the main details. I use a large masonite board on an easel to safely support my paper and use a piece of wax paper to cover areas of my artwork that I'm not currently working on. 


I send work in progress photos to my client as I progress on the drawing. I will always confirm whether the drawing is a secret gift. I won't post images of the drawing publicly until the drawing has been gifted.

All drawings are finished with a professional grade matte final fixative to preserve and reduce smudging/fingerprints, then protected in a plastic sleeve.

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