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Graphite Pencil Drawings


*Currently I am only offering commissions on white paper.

I use the highest quality Canson bristol board. It is ultra smooth and quite heavy at 96lb (260 GSM). This bright white paper is extremely non-porous making it difficult to work with but offers beautiful, crisp results.

I have been working with this type of paper for over 10 years, it is my favourite and default drawing paper.

All drawings are finished with a professional grade matte final fixative to preserve and reduce smudging/fingerprints.


Staedtler mars lumograph pencils are what I have always, and will always use when it comes to graphite. They are the smoothest, highest quality pencils I have ever used, and I have tested many different pencil brands. 

I also use Staedtler mar lumograph black pencils for the black areas on my artwork. For larger blocks of black I will use a grease pencil, which is a wax pencil much like a very soft colour pencil.

I also use an engraving burin for some of the finer details and a fine tipped Tombow eraser.


Pastel Pencil Drawings


I will be working on paper of all colours including grey, tan, yellow, white, black, blue, and more!


My current choice of pastel paper is Mi-Teintes Touch paper by Canson. The sandpaper feel of this paper is incredibly fine, which works well with the high detail drawings I like to produce. Mi-Teintes also has a wide range of colours from neutral to vibrant which offers an exciting opportunity for variety!

My current paper is 27 x 39 cm and 350 GSM.

The paper is acid free and fade resistant. All drawings are finished with a spray varnish tailored for pastel pencils.


Apart from a sturdy easel, some rubber gloves, and painters tape, I use only a small variety of tools in my drawings. My favourite tools of all time are my rubber blenders (looks like a paint brush but with a rubber tip). These allow me to move the pencil around after laying down pastel on the paper. This gives the pastel drawings a buttery smooth look that I adore.


I almost never use erasers in my pastel drawings (if I do, I only use kneaded erasers).


I work with a variety of different pastel pencil brands, all of which are the highest quality, professional grade pencils.

There are three brands of pencils I use: Caran d'Ache, Stabilo CarbOthello, and Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils. These pencils are all soft pastels (meaning they are all oil and wax free). I will also soon be adding Cretacolor pencils to my collection for their deep black tones. I use three different brands because they all offer something different. Caran d'Ache have great coverage but wider cores making detail work more difficult. CarbOthello and Pitt both have smaller cores for the details, CarbOthello are softer and cover better, Pitt pastels are harder and really great for sharper details.


With regard to lightfast ratings for these pencils, they are currently the best pencils to ensure minimal fading.


Chelsea Noyon

LOCATION: British Columbia, CANADA

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