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*Currently I am only offering commissions on white paper.

I use the highest quality Canson bristol board. It is ultra smooth and quite heavy at 96lb (260 GSM). This bright white paper is extremely non-porous making it difficult to work with but offers beautiful, crisp results.

I have been working with this type of paper for over 10 years, it is my favourite and default drawing paper.

All drawings are finished with a professional grade matte final fixative to preserve and reduce smudging/fingerprints.


Staedtler mars lumograph pencils are what I have always, and will always use when it comes to graphite. They are the smoothest, highest quality pencils I have ever used, and I have tested many different pencil brands. 

I also use Staedtler mar lumograph black pencils for the black areas on my artwork. For larger blocks of black I will use a grease pencil, which is a wax pencil much like a very soft colour pencil.

I also use an engraving burin for some of the finer details and a fine tipped Tombow eraser.


LOCATION: British Columbia, CANADA

EMAIL:  chelseanoyon@gmail.com

MON - FRI:  10am - 6pm

SATURDAY:   11am - 4pm

SUNDAY:   11am - 4pm

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